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So this is what the surface is like... by shelsher117
So this is what the surface is like...
So some time after getting GTA and reliving as the infamous Mr. Skully, my best friend joined in with the fun and so I gave her a surprise.... SANS... IN GTA, who would of thunk it eh?
A King without its King... by shelsher117
A King without its King...
Okay so after I took out the King of Storms I watched the cutscene and seeing Nameless mourn KoS and then stick HIS F*CKING BLADE IN IT'S HEAD, LIKE GOD DAMN IT JUST DO A SMOUGH AND ORINSTIEN TO THE POOR THING... I know it's my fault BUT JEEZ...

Hardest boss in DSIII to be honest and most of the community agree until the first DLC comes out, then we'll see.

(Dark souls III belongs to FromSoftware)
Brightest evening by shelsher117
Brightest evening
Nothing like laying on your bed and thinking the world away with Captain America: The winter soldier playing in the background and the smell of dinner filling the room and sun bursting through.
Ongoing war (Halo OC) by shelsher117
Ongoing war (Halo OC)
Got a nice shot of my OC the other day while mucking about with some vid footage and decided to use it for a few display pictures.

(Nathan Knight and all my OC are mine and mine alone. Halo and it's related content is 343I and Microsofts)
Remaking Spartan OC profiles and maybe some profile videos like 30 second ones, mainly their main weapons, assassinations etc... would be more exciting then a JPEG picture taken from my xbox
Tagged by :iconcommandernova702:

1.) Real Name:
 Nathan knight

 2.) Nicknames: Knight, Nat, Crimson ONE, Crimson Leader

 3.) Zodiac Sign: Pisces
4.) Male or Female:
Male as the day I was born

5.) Nursery:
 Some nursery I can't remember, glassed now.

6.) Elementary School:

7.) Secondary School: 
Can't remember but some of it survived the glassing

8.) Hair Color:
 Dark brown

9.) Long or Short: 
Hair is short 

10.) Loud or Quiet:
Fairly quiet

11.) Sweats or Jeans:
Jeans when going out

12.) Phone or Camera:
Why either? My PDA does both, even my helmet does both

 13.) Health Freak: I've had my armour on for more then 48 hours... you tell me

 14.) Drink or Smoke: The occasional squad drink every fortnight 

 15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Past that.
16.) Political orientation: 
If anything tries to screw with my squad or brother's in arms, I'll hate it.

 17.) Piercings: I've had a needler shard in my elbow before...

 18.) Tattoos: I don't have any but I thought of get a Crimson logo some where but it can mess up my armour's body scans.


 19.) Airplane: Like the ones used during the 22nd century? Ha, I live in a city sized war ship.

 20.) Car:
 I have my personalized Crimson Warthog so who needs a car?

 21.) Fist Fight: I'm a Spartan specialized in enemy force elimination so yes, quite a few 


 22.) First piercing: A needler shard to the elbow, keep up...

 23.) First Best Friend: Roger Banks, the tank has been there for quite some years

 24.) First Instrument played: Ha, I never had one
25.) First Award:
 Fastest lap in UNSC bootcamp... then lost it as soon as I graduated... damn recruits

26.) First Crush: Some girl I knew in school

27.) First Language:

 28.) First Big Vacation: I haven't been able to have one though some Wargames location are very nice though I don't get the chance stand a gaze without a couple of rounds going over my head


 29.) Last Person you talked to: Sam Connors (AKA Partner)

 30.) Last Person You Texted: Adam Rick

 31.) Last Person You Watched: Sam drop kick some enemy Spartan in the face, it was hilarious

 32.) Last Food You Ate: UNSC's Infinity's famous curry, it's hotter then plasma...

 33.) Last Movie You Watched: Spider man 2599

 34.) Last Song You listened to: Starset, some 21st century band, nice music

 35.) Last Thing You Bought: Holo-vid of Saving Private Ryan, the 4th reboot.

 36.) Last Person You Hugged: Jill, my Fireteam pilot, she got received augmentation, she's in pain so a Crimson group hug helped her


 37.) Food: British fry up, Dad cooked it from time to time when he was on leave... rarely

 38.) Drinks: Vodka and Tea... not at the same time

 39.) Clothing: Fatigues and sweatshirt... if Sam didn't keep in nabbing them

 40.) Book: I don't tend read, too busy

 41.) Color: Crimson red, ironically

 42.) Flower: Not in to roses but Sam tends to throw roses at me... since their red

 43.) Music: Anything I like, more hype music

 44.) Movie: Anything with action and adventure

 45.) Subjects: Wargames keeps me occupied when I'm bored though there's still pain so a knife to the back or being shoulder charge makes it no fun... kinda 


 47.) [] Kissed in the rain
 48.) [X] Celebrated Halloween.
 49.) [] Had Your Heart Broken
 50.) [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone (The hell uses a cell phone in the 26th century?!)
 51.) [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.
 52.) [X] Used a Weapon. (Ha "weapon")
 53.) [] Breathed fire.
 54.) [ ] Had an Abortion. 
 55.) [X] Done something you've Regretted 
 56.) [] Broke a Promise 
 57.) [X] Kept a Secret 
 58.) [] Pretended To Be Happy
 59.) [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
 60.) [] Pretended To Be Sick.
 61.) [X] Left The Country (If the infinity counts then yes)
 62.) [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
 63.) [] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 
 64.) [X] Ran a Mile 
 65.) [X] Went To the Beach
 66.) [] Stayed Single 


 67.) Eating: Chips
 68.) Drinking: Coke Ultra
 69.) Getting Ready To: A few hours in Wargames
 70.) Listening To: My H-pen
 71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Operation Blackout, just a raid on a energy distribution outpost near a Covenant Compound  
 72.) Waiting For: The rest of my fireteam to join me for lunch


 73.) Want Kids: Maybe, I don't know what will happen to the kids with mine and Sam's augmentations but maybe adopt
 74.) Want To Get Married: Thought about it, can't, my job isn't the job I can drop but Sam might have other idea's... if she want's then...
 75.) Careers in minds: I've got the best career going, unless I lose a friend...


 76.) Lips or Eyes: Eyes, especially augmented ones
 77.) Shorter or Taller: Short mostly
 78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: I like both
 79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: ... Both
 80.) Sensitive or Loud: More sensitive
 81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship
 82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: I like both


 83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: I'll never need them
 84.) Ran Away From Home: I had nothing to run from
 85.) Held A Weapon: In my profession... all the weapons 
 86.) Killed Somebody: Plenty of Covies, a few insurgents... not that I have a chance
 87.) Broken Someone's Heart: Never had the chance to, not that I want too but I have dug my knife in to some hearts.
 88.) Been Arrested: No, close, MP's nearly kicked my ass before my spartan days for trying to smuggle some grenades for Banks in an op


 90.) Yourself: yeah
 91.) Miracles: Nope
 92.) Love at First Sight: Kinda, most like "Love at first bootcamp"
 93.) Heaven: The universe is a big place so no idea
 94.) Santa Claus: If you mean Banks in a santa suit on christams day for Infinity Staff's kids then let's say I'm an... elf
 96.) Magic: Rick says he knows magic... he's full of b*llshit


 97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: I have that person always 
 98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Yes, of course
 99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: Yep! 
 100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People: I have a few people, not five

I tag!!!



G. Shelsher
United Kingdom
Hey, I'm Shelsher (last name of course), I'm friendly, helpful and polite. I play a lot of video games, I draw, take pictures and banter with friends on here.

cya around.

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